Inspire responsibility

Inspire responsibility

Can stimulate a person’s sense of gratitude, with a grateful heart to know himself what responsibility. If we are to be grateful for parents to raise, you will know that we have a responsibility to honor their parents; if we are to be grateful for teacher education, we know that we have a responsibility to study hard; if we are grateful to the community, we know that we have a responsibility to society.

Similarly, if our company give us be grateful for the platform, it does best, and rapid growth in the workforce. A great man once said: “all resumes must be in to be responsible for the spirit behind it. “Responsibility can make a person go all out to work, in our post play to their talents. But in order to do this, you must first have a thankful heart.

Liu Lele came when the company, just an ordinary boy, the company gave her work just cleaning, filing, helping colleagues to buy lunch or something. This work, in many people’s eyes are dead-end jobs, but dirty and tired. But Liu Lele never complained, she thinks will give her a job, is already a very lucky thing, so do everything very conscientious.

Working for this company for three years, Liu Lele let alone leave, miners, never even late. She worked very hard, and very caring and helpful. Regardless of who is in need of help in the Office, Liu Lele will lend a helping hand. When the company requested to work overtime at a time, she is never without complaint, work diligently, and we have never reached out to overtime. In her eyes, the company is her home, as long as the place where she will never see a piece of paper or a cigarette butt. At work, Liu Lele is very particular about conservation and environmental protection, the company doesn’t need light, she will take the initiative off the faucets drip, she will be soon; the garbage in the waste basket and she will recovery, will pick up the blank paper can also be used as note paper to colleagues, after you sell the recyclable waste paper, give the money to the company. Colleagues said: “Liu Lele even sparing the company than the boss. ”

Liu Lele’s loving and responsible won the respect and love of superiors and colleagues, she has been named “outstanding staff”. Although her degree is very low, but three years later, the company promoted her as General Director of the company.

Liu Lele in the absence of major cases, the promotion by exception by the company, is that she has a heart of Thanksgiving, see themselves as part of the company, in a serious and responsible attitude towards her all the work. An employee if the company and work with gratitude, then she will care about enterprise, concerned colleagues, with the business through thick and thin, responsible enterprises.

People are flesh

People are flesh

Two days ago I was depressed, because I get angry her husband no longer coax me as before, I think he no longer loves me like that before. But this experience has made me change the idea of a few days.
Said, my character and my dad is like, are very stubborn, special personality, strong principles, always ask your thoughts on others. These years, and husband in with, I of character change has many, like now in work units, I can and around of colleagues keep is good of relationship, because I gradually learned has understanding people, for others sake, also know everyone has everyone of life, everyone of life are is has truth of, himself of idea does not than others of gaoming how many, let around of people according to himself of idea to life is on people maximum of respect. Although my ideas continue to mature, but only to my husband have stricter requirements, this may be one common problem, is demanding of people around him always so, especially when I am angry when he coaxed me on this matter, I always make me very seriously if he as a standard of measure if he still loves me.
In recent days, dad and me, there is no need to mention specific reasons, in short, is that I do what his idea, and I didn’t do it, one day, I said his sentence, so he was very angry. Dad has more than 70 years old, may legitimately, I coax him, said that the elderly were children, unnecessary and they seriously, but easy to say but hard to do. A is I not think himself do wrong has, although I said he of that sentence words somewhat heavy, but if I only on this sentence words apologized apparently is cannot makes dad not angry of, and too more of apologized words I and said not out, because I also will insisted himself of practices (said truth, I has on he proposed of requirements sought has several friends of views, are think not to). Second, my character is also very stubborn, let me bow is a very painful thing. I never apologized, though also talked to father, but he is not talking to me, I’m not too up to no conversation, with the result that dad has had several days of gas, this makes me feel very depressed, very annoying. It reminds me of, let me make one of these concessions are difficult, that her husband numerous concessions over the years is how to do it? Not I brought him so much pain? Although I think I’m angry, at least in most cases is a reason for that, but that anger in a way that’s impossible. So the dad angry about it, I realized that his former anger how annoying it is, alas, I decided no more angry in this way.
Yesterday morning, I would like to know of this incident, wondering for my husband to make a phone call, is to express my determination to do, is to say. Then I decided to make a phone call to tell him, I don’t think it would make him feel better psychologically, if my temper for a long time, my husband would not know that I am not as angry as before, there may still be a bit of pressure and worry about me jerking off again any day.
So from this point of view, dad is angry, no matter what the result, at least of my education. Haha, I was somewhere!

Talk to ask-do tips

Talk to ask-do tips

[1] with empty words the truth

Do real people, speaking the truth is a principle to ask-do, but to be honest may not be able to achieve the objective for help, which requires you to using the bishijiuxu method.

An employee wants to support a friend Liu Director to work for themselves, suddenly heard the accident happened to him, “go in”, and I do not know is true or false, specifically to the Secretary’s visit. Lady does only the Secretary himself, his face sadly sit back and sigh. The clerk asked: “the Secretary is not at home? “Lady Liu said with a sigh:” Oh! Relapse, was admitted to hospital yesterday … … ”

Imagine if the clerk asked LAU if the Secretary really in truth “accident” that will be what kind of scene it?

[2] take a joke telling facts

Humor topics, usually can cause feelings of pleasure: serious topics, usually other people nervous. Ask for work, preferably use humor to express serious problems so that each other are easy to accept.

Li Fang in a corporate job, in a short period of time, she has twice put forward reasonable proposals to the company, so that the production cost of 5%. Company bosses very happy, said to her: “Xiao Li, do it well, I’m going to treat you. ”

Li Fang know this is very important, of course, but she does not need a virtual floating praised, something she wanted to pursue it, laugh, and said, “I think you’re going to put this sentence in my pay envelope. “The bosses have a smile cheerily replied:” Yes, certainly will. “Soon, her salary went up 1 time.

Boss encouraged Lee Fang-if not witty, but offered a request serious and took a variety of reasons, in that case, will not receive the surprise effect.

[3] round a bend each other

For some time, but if they say it will be very embarrassing. If smart guide each other to speak first, and this is undoubtedly the best.

Li Qiang, want to help friends gang way of doing business, when he will be an amount referred to Wang gang’s third day, gang car accident deaths. Li Qiang is immediately thrown into a dilemma: if open claims, will bring a strong stimulus to Mrs Wang gang; if you don’t mention this, their situation could not be supported.

Finish cooking after the funeral to Mrs Wang gang, Li Qiang says: “I did not think Wang Ge go so fast, our cooperation has just begun! So, sister, Wang Ge connections you know you came forward to make this business continues to do it! I help you to say, the hard effort I’m not afraid. ”

Listen to Li Qiang, completely devoid of meaning, or words in good faith he knew Wang gang’s wife was in no mood to continue to do business.

The result, wife to comfort Li Qiang Wang: “dude, this accident keep you in business losses. I can’t go on anymore, take your still looking for partners! “Li Qiang in talking smart around a bend and achieved its purpose of asking for money.

[4] the word beg

Discuss the tone to each other to tell myself to do something, is a clever approach. Act did not have any, and would recommend slowly with the request expressed to each other and leave you with an escape route. For example: “this I have done is difficult, how do you try? ”

[5] timely reminders help you do something

Urge to ask others to pay attention to the words of propriety, sincere tone you want to use, do not use blunt words, such as: “How could I not do? “” Why not say today can do? Why break your promises? “And so on.

In addition, no mood irritable, have patience, perseverance, time and time again to call for help.

Ask for help is not necessary hang in a tree

Ask for help is not necessary hang in a tree

  When we ask for things not to go through a request, you can think of a way, there is no way not to die when wrapped, it will worth the candle. Would you ask to get people thoroughly annoyed.

  It seems to “hang” This word said quite unlucky? However, you do not have to worry. This “hang” is not another “hanged.” “Do not hang in a tree,” the popular saying, that’s obviously not what you really want to “hang” means; it is only a metaphor. Even understand its meaning roughly: “Everything that is not only considered dead children, do not Naogua Zi also got into the dead end where he just does not know to turn around the attitude approach taken not knowing whom also chosen not to whom – Psychological Science will its called a ‘stubborn seeking abortion’ psychological barriers. And should be good at using a variety of ways, or in the case of a dead end road know how to choose a different path to go. “…… This explanation seems a bit cumbersome? In short words: “East West does not shine bright.”
The earliest familiar with the saying in Lao She’s “meritorious ground” inside. Lao She in “active ground” there are so many words:. “? The failure of this writing, that is to write a new thing another is inexhaustible, why pigeonholing people” with the words now more fashionable It is expressed, that is, “not only to pick up, but also lay down”; “indifferent attitude, take place with the potential” …… Sometimes I think, “balance”, “Fengyuan” easier said than done? Only two hands, would not be able to go pick up a pick up II; willing to give, how about picking up it? What’s more obvious if the hands have been free stuff, “do not want” useful? A lot of thing, with its stubborn stubborn, really not as good as things along.
This is another case. Continued for several days, the only way to see before and after the transfer to and from close to home until the bus at rush hour is always crowded, even deliberately shifted a more than twenty minutes to no avail. Time leave room for the natural heart, do not panic; then one morning even have to wait 7-8 before the final shuttle got! Fortunately, this road car trips a lot, usually a few minutes will go to work when there is a group …… transfer often is the case, one can easily get on the train is always the chance is small. Playing really quite worth it. Either get down thirty yuan, or “carpool” have to be stuffed full of really might as well go the crowded bus!
Had to “fight” over a taxi, not knowing even the rear left and right, respectively, are the young woman! People who came in summer dress and small, even a great heart of a “pirate ship would not be able down” embarrassing uncomfortable. Although even the way people caught in the middle did not even seem too seriously children, even then has been trying to shrink from the body in trying to prevent his body will inadvertently wait until someone else …… money is to spend a few, time really save a lot of touches, the way home after walking less than half gone, and then this “spiritual Suffering” is almost entirely offset this all the “advantages.” Since then, no longer does that taxis taking care of the debris in the eye!
“Over time the total is not a hammer, right? Is it only on the tree hanged, any really no sure way to ‘work’ at some hot weather all the way to reduce congestion ‘suffer’?” While still see that passers-by, etc. as before to the “single-mindedness”, all he insisted to go to work in a hurry to squeeze this same bus every day – I’m afraid some such and such a number of years? The habit of “East West does not shine bright” mindset to look at things even, still has launched a “find another path,” the eyes of children.
Huh? The road never seen someone care about halfway down the other way street, and the end of the different buses, almost all during rush hour after a passenger, and empty? Although its path and even to go just a little more than half of the “same rut”, after a few stops later not far apart, and the same way people in the car also becoming increasingly reduce …… “you may wish to try this’ shortcuts ‘! ”
“Test” Well, naturally is the heart of “blank” and does not want to be too smooth to put it too good. See the work on the transfer of the station crowded, bustling, people are in a hurry to run back and forth, and then they desperately want to get on the ride of their own car; not even the slightest hesitation that the road would be easy to board the back street in halfway, end is different, but almost at rush hour after a passenger, the empty bus …… few people on board, standing very loose, air-conditioning effect also good, cold lump around the wound, my heart felt very comfortable. At its halfway down Shui will bound the other way “last” that stand out of the car, and soon the original ride that bus along to. And on the train and then swipe, counted only spent more than 1 yuan; although still quite crowded, but hot day children even in the crowded car journey really reduce a half! Final lift wrist estimated time: “! Yo, ‘efficiency’ quite high and so full than the original car, cars on the clogged saves at least 1/3!”
Although more than half-way turn a car, but only spend a dollar, more than half of crowded “suffer” less, save time and 1/3, why not? Looking back, “value”! Thus began, and my heart will be more of a selection path, returning home from work feeling even more ease – will be “direct” that road vehicles as “preferred”, and a short time and so many people on the last; discovery when long and too many people, when it easily boarded without delay and that additional bus ……

Until all is over ambition never dies.

Until all is over ambition never dies.
The summer, sunny square. The cool rain lonely night, Shu Yi. There is no reason why the night always love this quiet time, love is always like a night owl full of go, alone in the world is waking time to sleep. In recent days of rain, so that the original has a “shelter” of the Liangcheng, in advance, there is a bit of cool autumn. And I like the weather like this. In a sea of flowers, feel the rain too, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, cool and comfortable, it is a bit less summer heat, a little more earthy smells. Boring, is out for a walk. You will find that the flowers and plants that are thriving, can not help but be moved by the heart, and even the ants that hard and positive, will make you feel a positive energy and power. On weekdays, I am a quiet love person, always love a on time, watching the seasons, tide and ebb. Live far away from the day when the noise and fireworks are affected. Life is like a plain paper, but eager to thick and heavy in colours of the gorgeous, pale ink faded lost cowardice. So looking forward to and resist the tangle, despite fingertips fleeting silent, indifferent love and hate no right or wrong. Life is not the ordinary daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, it is difficult to block the passions and away from the entanglement. In fact, sometimes think, people live in the present, life will be so. Life only dozens of autumn, walking hurriedly, good and bad mood, years before him, the season is fleeting, why should we let it suffer heart trapped in chains? Body tired can rest and recover, but let the heart tired, but it is difficult to recover. Life will always have some frustration, or happiness, or boring. In fact, it depends on our mentality. Everyone wants to be happy, everyone is happy. But, what is the real happiness? How is the true happiness? In fact, happiness, happiness in the heart. As long as you are satisfied, can walk is a kind of happiness. As long as you know how to cherish, at all, even to one person, it is a homely fare, is the envy of the happiness of others. Life, not the same as the influence of different people, not the same as the scenery of the mood, not the same attitude will have a different outcome. We can not because of a lot of things to do, not to work; not because many state will not go in, enlightenment. Go on the road of life, you will find that the world is big, no it does not have numerous living beings, of every hue. People live, don’t live too tired, do ordinary things, do ordinary people, sit see yunqiyun fall, Huakaihuaxie, a vicissitudes of life, calm and quiet, is a breeze, it is not difficult to get a rain long good mood. People in this life, rich or poor, romantic; or insipid; then what is life, in the end, will be turned into a wisp of smoke, a heap of loess! People in this life, we who also can not escape the fear, panic, worry, thinking, worry, pain, sadness, hurt, anger, joy, joy is the law of nature; avoid illness and death. So, only one life, to live is to give us the greatest gift. All experiences in life, joyful or sad, but life is rich in flavor taste, light as if life, that life, what is the meaning of. All a lot of time, we will feel life is very tired, not tired, later will be more tired. Will feel life is very hard, now not bitter, will be more bitter. But everything has a law belongs to its fixed number, our life is the same, only too tired, too busy. Only bitter, sweet. Life is like a dance, your first steps of the church who may not be able to accompany you to walk; life is like a long journey, without obstacles, you will never reach the dream. Life is too short, we have no time to regret and regret. As long as it is not an end, please smile a way forward. If good, called wonderful. If bad, called the experience. Life is to be full of challenges, so that we can grow, the more frustrated the more brave! Pain makes a person strong, tears make people strong, heart makes a person more sensible. So, thank the past for those unhappy little drops of it, but as long as we take place since, one day, the experience will bring us a better tomorrow, I believe you, believe!

Told him no place to hide

Told him no place to hide

Do you know Mexico-style Cape you? is to dig a hole with piece of cloth made of wool woven blanket. Under what conditions will tell you that I bought this shawl, who had an interest in my shawl, I never thought about, so as a child, grow up or so, even in Mexico, never thought I would buy a Mexico-style shawls.
7 years ago, my wife and I in Mexico on vacation, we hang out on the street, his wife suddenly elbows to push I said. You see, there are many people.
I’ve replied. Oh, no, that’s where souvenir, tourist, I don’t buy souvenirs, I just want to walk around, better to be yourself, meet back at the hotel.
Like always, she waved her decision to the crowd, I continue to hang out in the streets. In the front there is a local hawkers peddle: 1200 pesos (Peso: Mexico currency)
Who is Mark-he, certainly not me. I thought to myself.
Ignore and continue my steps. Well, hawker said. Big sale 1000-800 pesos fine.
When I first spoke to him. Friends, I really appreciate your kindness and also admire your perseverance and spirit, but I’m not interested at all, could you get someone else, please?. I even use Mexico to ask him. Do you understand what I’m saying?.
“Of course, of course. He replied.
Once again, I turned and walked away, but his feet still ringing in my ears. 800 pesos. Sound like we are chained together.
Impatient repeatedly harassed, I started running, but hawkers selling shawls with my sync speed, and his price has dropped to 600 pesos. Meet red, we must stop at the corner, and he continued to himself. 600 bucks. 600 as good ‘500,500 Peso · · · · · · All right, all right. 400 pesos.
“When the light turned green, I rush through the streets, hoping to get rid of him. Before I go back to see, ears and hear the sound of his footsteps and sell “Sir, Sir, 400 pesos.
I feel hot, sweltering. Tired and thirsty and are tired of his tone.
I turned to face him and grinds his teeth. Bitch, I told you I didn’t buy it, don’t follow me!
“My attitude and tone seem to understand what I mean. “OK, you win. “He replied ° only sell your $ 200 pesos.
“What are you talking about?. Suddenly my own reaction also was taken aback.
Let me see your shawl.
“Why should I see a shawl? I need a Cape you?: I want a shawl? no, I do not think that-or I change my mind.
Back at the hotel, his wife was lying in bed reading a magazine. I am excited to say “Hey, look what I bought?”
What did you buy?.
“A beautiful shawl.
How much did you pay? ” She casually asked.
I’ll tell you. “I am proud: a local’s negotiator asking 1200 pesos, but an international negotiation–and your vacation – with only 170 pesos, closed the deal.
“She said scornfully. Hey, that’s interesting, I bought a shawl of the same to you, as long as 150 pesos, just hanging in the closet.
It is reader’s Digest told a story. West, and vendors learn from our friends something? right. No not open wallet, women who did not get, no impossible things! if you want to do, persevere, persevere, just like yugong Yishan, you’re a invincible asking for master.
A Hong Kong writer, with city, a man in a thick romantic form on both sides of love, she once claimed part of man is chasing her boyfriend the most disadvantaged. But why she selected this one?
It’s origin dates back to a few years ago, it was her first trip to Shanghai, was authorized to discuss White’s novel to a publishing house in Shanghai while visiting. A dinner party, writer and meets a man, men deeply excited by women writers experience of life, tell her after dinner a surprising word–“I can pursue you?.
She was not ignored, just as a joke. But men really started a violent Chase, every day from early on. He had many friends in her hotel with “stand guard.
For men this women writers felt case. Terrorists, afraid to step out of the hotel. While staring down the men will continue by telephone. Harassment “writer, and told her. If you don’t show up, they will have to notify all your friends and tell them I’m going to chase you.
“Forced female writers have no way to run in mischief says:” you buy me a cup of coffee and we’ll talk. ”
People she knows the mainland very low income, he decided to drink five or six cups of coffee, ready made suitor. Bankruptcy … He called five or six cups of coffee, when you check out not only the cash-strapped, to tip the waiter is a not a small number of months each other quit the stratagem failed.
Is the most intense, just before her last night in Shanghai, the man plucked up the courage, competing in front of violent kiss women writers. Instantly turn pale female writer can’t be words, then said, almost crying with excitement “How could you do this.
When she left, the man is even more untenable. Visit XI ‘ an, traced to XI ‘ an, arrived in Taipei, overseas call have been hit many times.
At this point, the writers said, “as long as I exist on earth day, has never escaped from the Palm of his hand. Had no choice but to declare surrender, declare the marriage.
Ask has been described as hard, it is. Running leg, torn mouth “. At this point, I am afraid that the deepest experience of the salesman.
Salesman in Jue when you sell a product. Possible customer refused, but after a period of time, he came again, undaunted. If customers desperate to say: “we have no intention of buying, you again several times in vain, so I advise you don’t have to waste your breath, in vain. “However the salesman didn’t care, spirit still shaking slightly, smiling question said,” no, please don’t worry about me, talking on errands, is our responsibility, as long as you give me some time, let me explain, I was content … Customers see him sweat glistening, but also with a big smile, don’t feel guilty anymore, so he bought a bit.

Rain to snow is the days of door-to-door salesmen. Outside it was raining, a surname of others stayed at home, the salesman stood at the station without your compassion, making it difficult to refuse. Although we all know very clearly, this is a salesman of a strategy. But after all he has to do that, too, you can hang this remained unmoved?

This method of marketing, is the clever use of human emotions. Was not intends to purchase of people, also will produced “again also cannot let he white run has sipped of idea, makes they a psychological burden and owes favors debt of feel, customer will such wants to” the salesman if more run several at place, may he of products early marketing finished, but he is often to here, makes he spent has many valuable time, does not buy he of products, on somewhat sorry people has.. This is a marketing approach to aggravate people psychological burden.

You want to make the other side made a significant concession, will allow each other to accumulate more small psychological burden, when this psychological burden to a certain extent, the person only withdrew.
Journalists engaged in the acquisition and ask for the same, for interview purposes, they sometimes need action in the evening and in the morning. For example, in the event of a huge political event when journalists check the associated with this person in advance, after work, or for work, to conduct interviews, because at that time, generally at rest, while journalists are still working, it makes the psychological burden, not to tell him about this insider, would be bad.
In everyday life, if this method could be applied by Zhizhi asking for purpose that it will lead to more.
Mexico City, writer, salesman, journalist, hawkers, · · · · · · The examples provided a successful example for us. When you need to ask for help, and may wish to learn their practices on time every day to ask people to “visit” to make him see you as if you had seen hiding is not immune to the plague, couldn’t shake off. God no, into nowhere, nowhere to hide. If he’s not insane, will obediently do for you.

In natural language

In natural language
Sometimes you push each other to ask, do not, do not want to do, but there are practical difficulties, or the heart has been suspected. At this time, if you just rely on action to soak, it is difficult to work. And even the other “bubble” of the fire, wrapped up trouble, but not conducive to work.
In case of such a situation, the mouth of the Kung Fu is very important. Proper understanding, grasp the crux of the clever use of empathy, psychological language.
In the early 1980s, famous Luanhe River into Tianjin project has such a true story: responsible for tunnel construction task force once as the explosives for no and face suspension, delay the schedule. The leadership is anxious, Lee sent the company commander with the car to a chemical plant in the northeast for help.
Company commander Li day and night more than a thousand years of rushed to the chemical factory supply and marketing department, but get the answer only one sentence: now out of stock! He found the factory director, manager is busy, have no time to listen to him to explain that a little more, and he followed up with a, have the opportunity to speak a few words he soft twining hard grind, director unmoved, stiffly to him said “now out of stock, there’s nothing I can do.
The words on this. The road seems to have been blocked.
The director gave him a cup of tea, and advised him to think of a way. The company commander Li did not give up, he drank a cup of tea, see the water and find a new topic. The water is really sweet ah! Tianjin but bitter ah, drink from the Haihe river channel, the low-lying CIMC grievances, do not put tea is yellow. He caught a glimpse of the director of the Tianjin production of watches, and then said, you are wearing a Tianjin table, I heard that there is one in every ten tables in Tianjin, there is a person with a person in Tianjin’s base, you are an expert in the industry, the most know the relationship between water and industry. Made a bicycle with a ton of water, making a ton of alkali to 160 tons of water, making a ton of paper to 200 tons of Shui, diverting Luanhe River, the solution needs ah! No explosives, the project will have to delay…
He was very emotional, very well. The director is somewhat moved, asked. You are from Tianjin?. No, I was in Henan, perhaps through the water, I do not drink the Luan river!. Director completely amazed, he picked up the phone orders: “the whole factory overtime three days!” three days later, the company commander Li pulled a car explosive victory return.
Words are the key to happiness. When you get to the point, will open the door to each other.

Can act according to circumstances

Can act according to circumstances
“Buts”, not only to “bubble”, but “bubble”; in other words, “bubble”, not negative consumption time, is not hard and people ShuaWuLai, but should be good to take positive action to influence each other, influence each other and promote good situation.
City insurance company Zhang section chief to a village to carry out insurance business, due to the masses on the insurance work not understanding the nature, afraid to lose, do not want to participate in. The village is the most stubborn. Zhang section chief is determined to capture of the fortress, he run every day dozens of the whereabouts of their propaganda, mobilization, village head, afraid to see him, hiding Ching. Once I heard that the mayor to tens of miles outside of neighboring counties relatives to help build houses, he rode ran after him, put a car, sleeves rolled will work. Finish work and village head grinding.
In order to find a long talk time, Zhang section chief simply to get up before dawn, rain rushed to the village, in the village outside the home station two hours, village head to open the door to get shocked, see section chief Zhang Lin was like a moorhen, then a handful of will pull him into the room and said: “Zhang section chief, you don’t ‘bubble’, we in not?? You this spirit, is’ God ‘will have to raise their hands to surrender!
Village head this fort a break, the village to participate in the insurance work of the situation will open.
As the saying goes: “the heart is the meat long.” Whether both sides understand the distance is, as long as you are good at use action to prove your sincerity, will encourage each other to think, and understand your pains. Jump out from the stubborn box yard, then you will be a “global” hope.
A pair of young men and women love each other, but the woman’s mother thought the young Wang stiff, don’t agree. Although Wang ineloquent, but very good, people are diligent. He often helps the old man gave to her work, he does not care about the eyes, do not care to the bench. See her not to pull the briquettes, no water immediately to pick. Once the rain in the rain to see Water Leakage, immediately ending plugging. Her mother contracted the disease, there is no car, he is back to hospital run, until the old man was moved to tears, said: Wang is really a good boy ah, I agreed. “

Be good at self-control

Be good at self-control
Enough patience. For time. Premise and foundation. The current impasse to blocked, the direct reaction of the people is often anxious, frustrated, annoyed and angry to. But it does not help to deal with things. You should be wise to control yourself, take the attitude of the.
At this time, bear to the understanding of each other’s situation is to turn the arrival of waiting and one to win confidence, this state of mind, you can in the flesh makes me in a strong position. Can I transfer all in one’s right mind, one’s ability and cleverness, try various devices to break the deadlock. Even when the same is also not to hesitate to spend some.
From another point of view,. Soak mushrooms. Time consuming. And time is a weapon. Time is precious to everyone. People can’t afford to be the most. So, if you have enough patience, put a pair of. A “durable war posture with each other at each other, it will produce psychological deterrent to each other. In order to. Bubble “. Drag. To promote the change, real work, accelerate the work of. So, you should be calm, patience, sacrifice a little time, but can gain more time.
A school building to build an urgent need of 20 tons of asphalt. The school sent an assistant to the material department please bring, but also served as a matter of director pleaded that busy with work to wait two months ability to delivery, assistant often anxious, how he can two months? When he understood to the warehouse in a spot, just because I didn’t “tribute” people to drag him is anger from the chest.
But he tried to control his feelings, thinking about the treatment method. He had no money and no matter, and he didn’t want to come to a deng. He made up his mind and director. Bubble.
From the second day, he came to the office of the four day, patiently to the director begged, telling. The director feels bored and ignores him. You ignore, he sat on the side, etc., a time to open mouth, polite, not noisy, begged to tell. The director is anxious not to fire, can not afford to push. “Global one to fifth days, the director could not sit still, he heaved a loud. Well, I’m taking you. Take care of you this time, give it to you in advance!.
There is not enough patience, but also with the people’s pride about the strength of.
Some people are too thin skinned, self-esteem is too strong, stand up to people first refused to blow. Column to a road blocked, they blush, insult, anger, either with people favoured downtown collapse, to swinging, brush God and go and don’t look back.
It looks like this one is a bit. Backbone , in fact, this is too much of a fragile self-esteem, the guide to the face and not think about the party to try to reach the purpose, the cause of the useless.
So we ask for help, both to have self-esteem, but don’t overdo self-esteem, in order to achieve the communicative purpose, sometimes skinned anyway thick point, touch a nail, face is not red does not jump, not annoyed, still a smile and deal, just there is a trace of hope is to strive for, not up to N, Do not give up.

“Bubble” famous church to come

“Bubble” famous church to come
A principal of every new semester before the start of September 1st, will hide oneself from place to place. What? Hiding in the hands of a clerk, a director, a director wrote a note. Relational user.
President, although young, but well school governance, school teaching quality is good, the enrollment rate of like the dog days of thermometer straight upwards, and even built a key school. The reputation of the gods, uninvited, have desire to put their children sent to Jackie Chan, the Phoenix foundry.
So the question comes, small Buddha Temple, in the end to close the children who?? presidents, in the face of camels, backing, have the background, to the heavens, Untouchables. There is only one way to hide!
During the day in the school, he let two very responsible for the guard to block all the relations. But the phone can not stop, so that the number of principals to find the phone, all the answer. The headmaster has a meeting ”
One time, the president’s wife called to find the headmaster, answer the phone to answer the meeting go. Meeting? I don’t know?. Who do you think you are? The meeting also report to you? “The wife replied: of course. Otherwise, he doesn’t want to eat? “The other apparently little head and Emmanuel generation” joke! President meal, you can pipe afford? “President wife” are more than ten years!. The other person seems to realize “you, who you are!. The wife replied be in the right and self-confident. I was his wife!.
The relationship between households see the school heavily guarded fortress, solid, no gap can be drilled, then, turn toward the direction of attack, the headmaster’s home.
The headmaster, too paralysis underestimate the enemy, is still used in the school. Avoidance tactics. When the doorbell rang, let his wife or daughter open the door, see is a strange face, all answer. The headmaster is not at home, something to go to school to find!. Then, with a bang, all the troubles are kept out of the door.
However, soon they met a young man with a spirit of unyielding integrity, he heard principals do not at home, hey hey a smile I sat at the door waiting for him. Then, it sat on the steps in the corridor.
The headmaster’s wife is not the thing, close the door, do their own thing. Wait until the TV station. I wish you a good night. Ready to end, the president’s wife is aware of the door, open the door, see a young man sitting on the stairs.
Why don’t you go home?.
And so on the principal, I think, the headmaster again busy, can always go home to sleep.
“But sometimes it may not come back. The wife thought it would hook the young man’s determination to beat back.
It doesn’t matter, anyway, I can’t see the headmaster today, and my wife won’t let me go home to sleep.
The headmaster’s wife realized the seriousness of the matter, closed the door, and made a report to the headmaster.
Obviously, if really let the boy sit outside all night, then give the neighbors to see, effect is not good. Besides, live in dormitory building almost all schools principal, Dean of students like characters, came to the image of the loss of the principal. If let the guy came in, wrong, not to mention have cheat people president not at home, you let a family sitting in front of a few hours, now suddenly fell from the sky like sitting at home, wouldn’t take other people happy?? besides, background of this young man is who is not clear, if make people grasp the handle can be.
How to do? The principal in a dilemma in the house, back and forth, such as the wild animal in a cage.
Finally, principal inspiration, came up with a way to, from the balcony turned down, the headmaster’s home on the second floor, luckily, fell a tumble, has been to the hospital. Principal shoot purification of soil, pick up the wife dropped to the briefcase, with arm and a clamp, and in the yard around two weeks, then as if just work to climb the stairs. See the boy sitting on the stairs, pretending to be surprised. Hey, what are you doing here?.
The boy saw his tears, I can be induced cross flow: principal, Rankdniley
As noted above, the young man with. Sit bubble. The way, for the purpose of reaching. Sit bubble. , also known as “tactical, tactical wheel fatigue, for time. , is one of the most effective tactics for being widely used.
For time. Is a kind of special operation for. It can strive for positive results in negative form, they can express themselves to work until the determination and perseverance, to the other side pressure can also increase the chance of contact, more fully shows the self pat attitude, thoughts and feelings to influence the attitude of the other party, to the claimant’s success. This tactic seems simple, inside the knowledge can be big, and not everyone can do well. So it is necessary to tell you the following tips: